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Midnight in the Metropolis

Midnight in the Metropolis

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Midnight in the Metropolis is a vibrant abstract oil painting that evokes the essence of urban life at night, maybe even suggesting a “Gotham City” vibe. The artist has combined oils, oil sticks, pencil, mark making and dripping techniques to represent an aerial perspective of coastal development enveloped in the stillness of night, The deep, resonating colour tones create an atmosphere of solitude and mystery, echoing the silence and the inky darkness of midnight. Silhouetted shapes against the pale, luminescent moonlit water create the impression of towering skyscrapers, suggesting human presence inhabiting the buildings during the slumbering hours. Subtle graphite line work, almost hidden within the shadows, add interest, depth and texture. Blue dripping from the indigo arc, adds a sense of movement, conjuring the image of a suspension bridge, an iconic symbol of connection and human engineering.

The overall composition of "Midnight in the Metropolis" is a poetic representation of the city's quiet beauty, hidden complexity, and ever-present vibrancy. It's a painting that invites viewers to use their imagination, to feel the pulse of the city, and to explore the shadows and shapes that speak to the human experience within an urban coastal environment.

This painting is a very modern, contemporary abstract work that would look fantastic hanging in your home.

Title: Midnight in the Metropolis

Size: Large Painting – W120cm x H110m D4cm

Medium: Oil, oil sticks, pencil and cold wax medium on Board

To View:  Please contact me to arrange an studio appointment or we can meet on Zoom.

Unframed: Price displayed

Framed: Price on application with Raw Tasmanian Oak floating frame

To View: You may view this painting at White Brick Gallery, The Warehouse, 69 Guthrie Street Osborne Park WA

Additional Information: This painting is produced using high quality materials and comes professionally stretched, ready to hand with D rings.  It is signed and dated on the back. 

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Perth Metro: Local pickup available from Mullaloo, Perth. Please contact me to arrange a time. 

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