Tails Of Love

Tails of Love was born from my profound Love for animals and a desire to capture their unique spirits through art. This passion led me to specialize in painting pet portraits using oil paints, a medium known for its richness and depth. Each portrait is an emotional journey, capturing the essence of a beloved pet in a way that resonates with the heart of the owner.

The significance of these portraits for pet owners, are timeless keepsakes. They serve as beautiful and lasting reminders of the bond they shared, allowing the memories of these cherished companions to be treasured for a lifetime.

Methods And Techniques

Capturing the unique personality of a pet in a portrait starts with understanding the pet's personality. I often request pet owners to share stories, behaviors, and quirks that define their pet's personality. This helps me gain insight into the animal's spirit and disposition.The next step is visual observation. The quality of the photograph is paramount. I study photographs of the pet, focusing on expressions, posture, and distinctive features. Particular attention is paid to the eyes, as they are often windows to their soul.

The technique in oil painting plays a crucial role. I use various brushstrokes and colors to reflect the pet's nature. For instance, the choice of colours also helps in highlighting personality; warmer tones can denote a vibrant, lively nature, while cooler tones might suggest a serene, composed demeanor.

Lastly, I pay attention to the setting or background of the portrait. I recommend a simplified background - see examples of the portraits shown. In essence, it's about connecting with the pet's spirit and translating it onto the canvas, making each portrait a deeply personal and one-of-a-kind represeentation of the animal.

Best Photographs To Provide

  1. Clarity and Detail: The photograph needs to be clear and high-resolution - at least 300 DPI. This allows me to capture the fine details of the pet’s features, such as the texture of the fur, the shine in their eyes, and other distinctive markings.
  2. Lighting: Good lighting is essential. Natural light is preferable as it brings out the true colors and depth, allowing the pet's personality to shine through. Overly shadowed or overly bright photos can obscure important details.
  3. Pose and Expression: The pet's pose and expression in the photograph should reflect their personality. Whether it’s a playful stance, a relaxed pose, or an alert expression, the photo should capture the essence of the pet’s character.
  4. Eye Contact: Photos where the pet is making eye contact with the camera are often more engaging. The eyes are expressive and captivate the viewer.
  5. Owner’s Connection: Sometimes, the best photograph is the one with which the pet owner has an emotional connection. It might not be technically perfect, but it captures a moment or aspect of their pet that they love dearly.
  6. Confirmation and Proceeding: Once the photograph is selected, I confirm all details with the client and then proceed with the portrait creation, keeping them updated during the progress.

How to Order

Ordering your portrait: Please email me to enquire or order your pet portrait.

If you would like to chat, please advise your mobile number when you email me and I will contact you as soon as possible

Deposit: A 50% deposit is required once you confirm the order.

Delivery Time: Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date the deposit is paid, to receive your beautiful keepsake in the mail.

Shipping: Free shipping available for Australian and International orders.

Framing: Optional. I will provide a quote from my framer. He uses raw Tasmanian oak. The cost of framing is extra and is added onto the price of the portrait.

Canvas Sizes: Please refer to the size chart below for canvas sizes which have been scaled to indicate the approximate sizing when hung on a wall,

Additional Information: This painting is produced using high quality materials, ready to hang and is signed on the front.


The pricing for your portrait is tiered according to the size of the painting. These sizes are for an unframed painting. Pricing is in Australian dollars.

Framing: allow an additional $60 - $100 for framing, dependent on the size. A quote can be arranged.

Small Paintings

Inches Centimetres Price

8 x 10" 20 x 25 cm $550

10 x 12" 25 x 30 cm $575

11 x 14" 28 x 35 cm $600

12 x 16" 30 x 40 cm $625

16 x 20" 40 x 50 cm $675

Larger sized Paintings: Please enquire for custom size and pricing.

  • Prudence - Mistress of her own Destiny

    Pru's story: "Mistress of her destiny" Originally abandoned as a kitten, her first owner found her bedraggled on the street and decided to take her home. After a few years, Pru decided it was time to move on, when her owner brought home another cat. Not happy Jan! She befriended a neighbour for awhile until their health failed which changed Pru's status to being a "rescue cat". Her current owner reached out via social media during the Covid lockdown to arrange transport from northern New South Wales to Mount Dandenong in Victoria. A series of kind and generous people transported Pru in relays to her forever home. Prudence is truly a cat that has had few lives and she loves to tell you about them.

    Custom order: Framed

    11 x 14" or 28cm x 35cm

    Oils on board

  • Guinness The Legend

    Guinness "The Legend" has had an extraordinary life with many adventuress. He is a FIFO dog and swings from urban life to farm life. On the farm he spends time with his 2nd family, explores the farm, and watches over the animals in his protection. Then he switches mode to urban life where he frequents the cafes, visits the park and swims at the beach - what more could a dog ask for. He is completely loved and adored by his owner and his farm family.

    11 x 14" or 28cm x 35cm

    Oils on stretched canvas

  • Bowie

    Oils on board

    8 x 10" or 20 x 25 cm

  • Millie - Forever Loved

    Millie passed away in 2023 and her owners Brett and Jenny were heart broken so they commissioned a painting.

    Millie was a true companion, totally loyal and went everywhere with Brett. She loved every excursion, especially when they went fishing - she had her designated spot on the boat.

    She was and is greatly loved and now they can see her every day.

    Custom order: framed

    10 x 12" or 25 x 30cm

    Oils on canvas board

  • Gypsy - Playful Puppy

    Gypsy is the new family member and playful fur baby for Jenny & Brett to help heal their broken hearts.

    Gypsy is only 3 months old when I painted her and she has already become an integral part of their family.

    Gypsy has so much to look forward to with her new family who will provide a wonderful home and adventures through out her life.

    Custom Order: framed

    10 x 12" or 25 x 30cm

    Oils on board

  • Nino


    10 x 12" or 25 x 30cm

    Oils on board

  • Bruce the Ram

    Bruce is a proud Merino ram who iare valued for their fleece. His owners wanted a portrait to grace their farmhouse walls so they commissioned me.

    They loaned me a complete fleece, a rams skull intact with horns and photos of Bruce. I felt as though I was in Bruce's presence, under his watchful eye while painting him.

    Painting the horns was easy compared to the fleece. I spent hours looking and "seeing" the qualities of the wool strands. Painting in many layers to achieve the end result.

    Bruce's owners were so thrilled with his portrait, and I must admit so was I.

    Commissioned: large painting

    100cm W x 120cm H

    39" W x 47" H

    oils on board.

  • King of the Beasts

    I was commissioned to paint a lion as a metaphor for courage, presence and leadership for a boys room. I used pastels and acrylic paint for this artwork.

    I travelled to South Africa in 2011 and experienced a few encounters with lions, leopards, cheetahs and many other animals.

    One night we were on safari with a ranger and came across a pride of lions with 5 cubs playing on a dry riverbed at sundown - "mum and dad" were watching from a distance.

    The reference photo for this portrait is from my collection of this magnificent tawny male with a huge black mane.

    Pastels and Acrylics on Stretched canvas

    60 cm x 60 cm 24: x 24"

  • Bella

    10 x 12" or 25 x 30cm

    Oils on board

  • Arlo

    Custom order - set of three

    6 x 8" or 15 x 20cm

    Oils on board

  • Arlo three ways