Dianne Lofts Taylor

Local Perth Abstract Artist

Dianne Lofts-Taylor is a local artist in Western Australia painting modern abstract art.

"I enjoy embodying a bold presence in my paintings for the viewer to react to, shaped by their own life experience. My process is the continual exploration of my own unique expression. Pushing my artistic and creative boundaries and abilities to the max..."

My practice has developed into an emotional performance of expressive and bold application of lines, colour, texture and shape. I work from a place of imaginative play, mark making by scraping, adding and removing, using spray paint, drawing with pens, pencils and crayons. I have an intuitive dialogue with the work. I swing from impulse to a considered mark, line, shape or colour.

My paintings are inspired by the various people and environments that I have encountered. Whether I am painting abstraction or realism my paintings are all portraits to me - real or imagined. I want to capture the essence of that person, place or our animal friends.

Dianne currently works from her studio in Mullaloo, Perth, Western Australia.

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Dianne is Represented by & has Exhibited here

Represented by

White Brick Gallery, Osborne Park

Bluethumb - online gallery

Art Lovers Australia - online gallery

Exhibited at

European Concepts, Osborne Park

Art Marx Gallery Fremantle WA

Cossack Art Award 2014 & 2023

Joondalup Country Club & Resort

Next Door Art Gallery, Melville WA

Nyisztor Studio, Melville WA

Cossack Gallery, Pilbara WA

Port Hedland Art Award 2014

Vancouver Arts Centre Albany,