About Me


Reflecting on my journey so far...

Over the last few years, I have developed my studio practice: learning from other artists who I admire, experimenting with new techniques and materials, continuing to explore a variety of subject matters, moving between realism, portraiture,abstract expressionism and now landscapes. I paint in oils and acrylics and try to push my artistic and creative boundaries and abilities.

What I have learned is that there are no short cuts – you have to put in the time and do the work. Creativity is a force to be reckoned with when you are an expressive person.  The nagging urge to paint, compels me to make art and face that blank canvas, to extend myself and find the courage to make those first playful marks. It is like opening ‘Pandora’s Box’ of transient memories and immediately I am engaged.


Art is a question that I am compelled to answer.




Artist Bio:

Dianne commenced her career as an artist at age 52, studying a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at Curtin University. After graduating in 2010, she decided to broaden her boundaries, working for not-for-profit organisations in regional Western Australia Roebourne (Pilbara region) and Albany (Great Southern region). In 2018, Dianne returned to Perth, continuing to paint and nurture her creative talent and currently works from her studio in Mullaloo, Western Australia. 


Abstract Artist Dianne Lofts-Taylor 


CV (selected)

  • 2024 The Agency Claremont - solo
  • 2024 European Concepts - solo
  • 2023 City of Stirling Art Award - selected
  • 2023 Ellenbrook Art Award - selected
  • 2023 White Brick Gallery 
  • 2022 Art Marx Gallery -  Transitional Thoughts
  • 2021 Cossack Gallery - Pilbara to Perth - Hello Goodbye - group exhibition

Solo Exhibition

  • 2021 - 2022  City of Joondalup Community Art Exhibition – Arts in Focus – Solo Exhibition – Joondalup Resort

  • 2010 Solo Exhibition ‘Embodied’ Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany

International Sales

  • 2022 “Bridge over Blue Water”Washington State USA
    Award Winner of Arts in Focus Category
    • 2020    City of Joondalup Community Art Exhibition 

    Artist in Residence

    • 2021 Joondalup Country Club & Resort
    • 2020 JAG Joondalup Art Gallery​ ​

      City Collections

      • 2010 Public Art Port of Albany mural – Gate 2
      • 2006 Public Art Collection Cockburn City Council ‘Settled Memories’ Oil on board – 9panels 20cm x 20cm collection

      Corporate Collection

      • Joondalup Country Club & Resort
      Group Exhibitions
      • 2019 Scene (Aug) – Nyisztor Studio Melville
      • 2019 WA Society of Art Annual Exhibition
      • ​2018 Juniper Galleries (Nov) Mainly Miniatures group exhibition
      • 2018 Gnuller Mia art auction (Nov) Nyisztor Studio Melville
      • 2018 Scene (July/Aug) – Nyisztor Studio Melville
      • ​2016 Scene (July/Aug)– Nyisztor Studio Melville
      • 2016 PIAF Square View – Mix Group
      • ​2015 Scene, Nyisztor Studio, Perth
      • ​2014 Cossack Art Award
      • 2014 Port Hedland Art Award - selected
      • ​2013 Dampier Art Awards – highly commended
      • ​2012 Shoe Show Nyisztor Studios, Melville
      • 2012 PIAF: ten(T) Exhibition group show by Mix Artists Inc. and Artist Talk
      • ​2011 Mix-D Group Show
      • ​2010 Take Me Home
      • 2010 Mt Romance Art Prize: Highly Commended
      • ​2009 Curtin University Graduate Exhibition Bentley & Albany campus: ‘Duck Egg Black’
      • 2009 Paperartzi09, Albany

      Represented by

      White Brick Gallery, Osborne Park WA

      Art Marx Galley, Online

      Art Lovers Australia - online 

      Bluethumb - online gallery

      Exhibited at

      Joondalup Country Club & Resort

      Next Door Art Gallery, Melville WA

      Nyisztor Studio, Melville WA

      Cossack Gallery, Pilbara WA

      Vancouver Arts Centre Albany,